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Headphones have been popular amongst music enthusiasts since the walkman was invented… But as the decades went by, the on ear headphones shrunk in size to accommodate mobility and on the go need and the Earphones were born. Eventhough the size went down, the hunger for making quality earphones which could deliver the same sound quality has never stopped.


Earphones are like small loudspeakers worn within the outer ear (called plug earphones) or in some cases in the outer part of the ear canal (called in-ear headphones)

By the time the Apple iPod was introduced, earphones, (now called the EarPods / earpbuds) became insanely popular. Eventhough they were great for smartphones and on the go need, but for a large class loving audience, these were extremely uncomfortable. Also, they were pretty bad at isolation.


Earphones can be generally classified into

  1. On ear,

  2. Plug type; or

  3. In ear earphones.

They can be classified by their connection interface such as:

  1. Wired Earphones / Earpods

  2. Bluetooth earpods / earbuds / airpods (as apple calls them)


They can also be classified by fidelity as noise cancelling or otherwise.

Noise cancelling earphones are so fixed in the ear canal, that they do not allow any surrounding noise to enter the ear and thereby isolate the sound. They are like a studio earphone where no other external sound enters. Noise cancelling headphones / earphones are thus very popular.


Hence, a number manufacturers switched from 'On ear' to 'In-Ear' earphones. These In-Ear earphones ( earpods as apple likes to call them) use a silicone or a foam tip, which is inserted inside the ear canal. Since these tips use Silicone or Foam tips, these In-Ear earphones are far better at isolating outside noise and are a lot more comfortable. So if you're looking to upgrade to a nicer In-Ear earphone, you can check some out from earphones where we have something for everyone, from the everyday user to high quality in ear earphones with dual drivers. And as always at the best possible price point.


The latest trend in earphones are the wireless earphones / earbuds / airpods which use bluetooth technology. These bluetooth earpods / Airpods give a great advantage to the listener since he doesn't have to keep the source of the music in hand / on body. The bluetooth generally functions over a distance of upto 10 meters to 20 metres depending upon product specifications.

Bluetooth Earbuds / Airpods with Mic

Most of these bluetooth earphones / earbuds come with a built in mic. This give freedom to the listener to listen to music on the go  / take calls while driving without worrying about the wires & the Mic.

Bluetooth Earbuds / Airpods with Touch Gestures

Also, these bluetooth airpods have a touch feature on them to allow the listener to accept / reject calls or play / pause / skip songs by touch gestures... Joyroom JR T03 and Joyroom JR T06 are one of the best bluetooth earpods which are selling as an apple airpod alternative.

Best Apple Airpod Alternative

The Joyroom JR T03 and Joyroom JR T06 are the best Apple Airpods' alternative. The give all the features which the Apple airpods have but at a fraction of a cost. With Wireless charging case, using single / both earbuds and also with a powerful charging case which can charge your phone!!! (In case of JR T06 only).